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Edit the Project Home Page

Every project has a Home page that project Coordinators can use to provide a functional description of the project, images, and status updates for project Developers and Evaluators. Home pages are Wiki topics, which can be modified using a WikiText editor.
  • You must be signed in as a project member to edit the project home page.
To edit the Project home page
  1. From the Home tab, click Edit.
  2. In the text box, modify the text as you wish, and then click Save.
Note: Because the Home page is Wiki-based, you can use Wiki markup to format text or and links to the page.

About the CodePlex Wiki

The Wiki is custom for CodePlex and written in C# / ASP.Net 2.0.

Wiki Markup Guide

The following pages provide you with a complete list of the markup that is supported in the CodePlex wiki.
Each guide provides a description of the wiki tag and examples of the wiki markup followed by its rendered output.

Home Page Version History

To view the history of changes to the project Home page
  1. From the project’s Home page, click Page Info.
  2. If you want to view a version of particular page, from the Page Information page under Version History, click the link to version of the page you want to view.
Project Coordinators: You can use this feature to roll back the page to an earlier version.

Create a New Wiki Page

You can create a new Wiki page by creating a placeholder link to the page, saving your changes, and then clicking on the placeholder link.
  • To create a new Wiki page to a project, you must be signed in and must be a member of the project.
To create a new Wiki page
  1. From the Home page, click Edit.
  2. In the text box of the Edit page, type a Wiki link tag in the form leftbracket.gifMy New Pagerightbracket.gif, and then click Save. The new page is added to your project.
  3. To access the new page, return to the Home page and click the link you created.
  • You can edit new Wiki pages just as you did the Home page.
  • Wiki pages that you create remain part of your project and are not destroyed by removing links to the page.
  • For more about editing the Home page, see Edit the Project Home Page.

Add Wiki Page Links to the Home Page

Adding links to project items such as a discussion thread or a work item are created using simple Wiki markup.
  • To add links, or make any edits, to a project’s Home page, you must be a member of that project.
To add a link to a discussion thread or work item
1. Copy the Wiki link text from the page to which you want to link.
  • Discussion thread links appear at the top of thread pages as leftbracket.gifdiscussion: ##rightbracket.gif (include the brackets), where “##” is the number assigned to the discussion thread.
  • Work item links appear at the top of the work item page as leftbracket.gifworkitem: ##rightbracket.gif (include the brackets), where “##” is the number assigned to the work item.
2. From the Home page, click Edit.
3. Paste or type the Wiki link text wherever you would like it to appear in the page.

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