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Start a Project

Create a Project

To create a new project on CodePlex, use the following page

Once you fill out the project creation form, your project is created immediately in "Setup" mode. While in setup mode, your project won't be visible to anyone but the project team members. Once you are finished setting up your project, you then "Publish" it to make it visible to all users.

To see the requirements for projects on CodePlex see the following: Project hosting requirements.

Server Hosting on Team Foundation Server

We host the server for you. You have many choices for what source control client you want to use, see source control clients for CodePlex.

Edit Project Title/Description

  • To edit the project title or description, you must be a Coordinator on that project.
To edit the project title or description:
  1. From the project’s Home tab, next to the project title, click Edit Project
  2. Use the Title to change the project name
  3. Use the Description text box to edit the project description
  4. Click Update

Remove Discussions

CodePlex features appear as the tabs at the top of your project (Home, News Feeds, Releases, etc.). By default, all features are enabled on new projects. However, you have the option of removing features.
  • To add or remove project features in a CodePlex project, you must be a Coordinator on that project.
To add or remove project features from a project:
  1. From the project’s Home tab, next to the project title, click Edit Project Details
  2. Below the Project Description input box is a checkbox that is checked, as default is to allow discussion of projects
  3. Click the box to remove the check and the discussion tab from your project.

Add Donation Links to a Project

There isn't a specific feature for adding a donation link, but you can edit your Wiki pages to include them. If there are other ways CodePlex could help support donation links, please suggest them in the issue tracker.

You can also add advertisements to your project.

Configuring Advertisements

CodePlex now gives project owners the option of placing sponsored ads on their project pages. By signing up for Kanoodle BrightAds, you can have sponsored ads appear on all your project pages. All advertising revenues from Kanoodle go entirely to the project owner.

How do I set up sponsored ads?
First sign up for a Kanoodle BrightAds publisher account. Make sure you use this link to sign up: Kanoodle BrightAds signup form.

In the sign up form, enter your project URL as Web Site #1 (e.g. Also, if you live outside of the US then enter 000-00-0000 in the Tax ID/SSN field.

After you have your BrightAds account, here are the steps:
  1. Log into your Kanoodle account
  2. Click on the "Your Ads" tab
  3. Click on "Add BrightAds Content"
  4. For preferred size, select "2 Ad Jumbo Leaderboard (754x90)"
  5. Click "Preview and retrieve ad code"
  6. Copy the HTML code snippet into the "Kanoodle BrightAds Code" text box in your Edit Project screen

Add/Remove Users to Your Project

  • To edit project membership, you must be a Coordinator on that project. The user that you add must already be registered with CodePlex.

Add Developer:
  1. From the People tab, click Manage Team
  2. In the space provided, type the name of the registered user, and then click
Add Coordinator:
  1. If you want to change the user from Developer to Coordinator, select Coordinator from the Coordinator Role list, and then click Update
Remove a User from the Project:
  1. From the People tab, click Manage Team
  2. Select the check box next to the user you want to remove, and then click Update

Delete a Project

If you have already published your project, then use the Contact Us page to request that your project be unpublished so that you can delete it.

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