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About News Feeds
Add a News Feed
Remove a News Feed

About News Feeds

A news feed is a collection of project Coordinator-provided and chronologically interleaved RSS feeds. An RSS feed is a collection of syndicated Web content that can be organized and viewed from a single location using a Web browser, news reader, a mobile phone, or really any technology that is capable of interpreting the Web feed data.

CodePlex displays the items in a news feed for all project visitors on the News Feed page. News feeds are dynamically assembled and automatically updated. by the CodePlex servers.

As a project administrator, you can use your News page to:
  • Display the latest blog posts by your project contributors, almost as soon as they are published.
  • Track and display in near real-time, blog posts and online articles that mention your project by name. For example, by adding to your news feed, anyone who visits your News page will be presented with all of the latest blog posts containing the string “nunit” across the 25,000,000 or more xml feeds that crawls, several times per day.
  • Display news about competing or related projects, as well as Microsoft products or technologies that your project relies upon,

Where can I find news feeds?
News feeds are becoming common on Web sites. If you don’t have a particular content provider in mind, you can easily find Web feeds sources using any Internet search tool.
Here’s a list of some useful links for programmers:

Microsoft Site URL
MSN Syndicated Content
Microsoft Windows

What do I need to add the news feed to CodePlex?
All you need is the URL of an RSS 2.0 file format feed to add the news feed to CodePlex. Just copy the URL from the address line and paste it in the Feed URL text box.

Add a News Feed

  • You must be signed in as a project Coordinator to complete this task. All feeds must comply with the RSS 2.0 file format.
To add a news feed:
  1. From the News Feeds tab, click Manage Feeds
  2. In the Feed URL, type or paste the URL of the news feed, and then click Add Feed

Remove a News Feed

  • You must be signed in as a project Coordinator to add a news feed to a CodePlex project.
To remove a news feed
  1. From the News Feeds tab, click Manage Feeds.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the news feed you want to remove, and then click Remove Feed.

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