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CodePlex Basics: Getting Started

Create a CodePlex Account

To create a CodePlex account:
  1. From the CodePlex home page, click Register
  2. On the User Registration page, provide a User Name, Password, and E-Mail address
  3. Click Register
  4. Retrieve the e-mail sent to you from, and then click the link provided to complete the registration process

Edit Your Profile

To edit your CodePlex user profile
  1. Sign into your CodePlex user account
  2. Click on your username in the upper right of any CodePlex Page.
  3. From the CodePlex Profile page, you can change your e-mail address or password.

Find a project

There is a Search Projects feature at the top of every CodePlex page. The search tool returns links to projects that contain the search keyword(s) in either the project title or in the project description.

To use the search tool:
  • In the Search Projects text box, type a keyword(s) or a phrase, and then click the btn_search.gif button.

Join a Project

In most cases, users are invited to join projects after establishing a good reputation with the project team members. Establishing a reputation with the project team members is usually achieved by providing feedback, logging bug reports and feature suggestions, and uploading source code patches. If the project team values your contributions then they are more likely to accept your request to join the project or even ask for you to join.

Some projects are actively interested in finding new team members, while others are not interested in additional team members. It is a good idea to find this out from the project team before spending time trying to establish a reputation with them with the intent of getting accepted into the project.

Open Source License Definition


CodePlex works on HTTPS

Yes. TFS's interface to the outside world is via web services which can be deployed via HTTP and/or HTTPS. In the specific case of CodePlex, we deploy TFS using HTTPS on standard port 443.

CodePlex User Roles

There are four user roles relative to any CodePlex project. These include:
  • Coordinator: a project administrator with full rights over the project.
  • Developer: a contributing member of a project who can perform most project related tasks but with certain site management restrictions.
  • Signed-In Visitor: a user who is registered and signed in to CodePlex but who is not a member of a particular project. This user is limited to creating or commenting on work items, reading and contributing to forums, and posting comments to the project Wiki.
  • Anonymous Visitor: a user who has not signed in to CodePlex. This user can browse projects but cannot interact with any project.

User Role Permissions
The following table summarizes the permissions provided to each user role:

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