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About the CodePlex Site

CodePlex Features

CodePlex includes the following features:
  • Source Code Control
  • Project Discussions
  • Wiki Pages
  • Feature / Issue Tracking
  • Release Downloads
  • News Feed Aggregation

CodePlex Architecture

The CodePlex software is a custom written web application written in C# and ASP.NET 2.0. It is integrated with Team Foundation Server (TFS) using the TFS SDK to provide the source control and issue tracker features. SQL Server 2005 is used for the database.

CodePlex Site Source Code

We currently don't have plans to make the CodePlex site a shared source project. We're planning to fully support and maintain it at Microsoft, and the nature of the site requires coordination with the internal operations and hosting teams. The software is designed to run in the Microsoft data center, so it isn't something that could realistically be hosted in another environment.

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